History of Camper Trailers

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About Camper Trailers

During the 19th century in Central and Eastern Europe, gypsy tribes used horse drawn trailers to travel far and wide. When not on the move, they used these trailers to live in as a substitute for tents. For centuries the faces of these trailers have changed and are now known as caravans, fifth-wheel, double-decker and camper trailers. Camping trailers are very popular across Australian cities like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as regional areas of Australia. Camper trailers are widely used by people to enjoy holidays, leisure travel, picnics and camping. They are easy to use and unlike other types of trailers, they can go off road. Camping trailers can be luxurious and comfortable too, allowing for customised travels plans. Easy to set-up and dismantle they are compact. Good care increases the longevity of your camper trailer. It is also light weight and can be lugged by a smaller vehicle however, if you own a 4 wheel drive it can be taken to difficult to reach places too.

Camper trailers are a great way to have an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday experience. These camping trailers have become highly popular throughout Australia but also including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond! They are used for holidaying and for camping and also during picnics and leisure travel. The major benefit with these trailers is that they are very easy to use and super fast to setup. Other trailers cannot easily go off road but Black Series Camper Trailers offers a range of campers which are specifically designed to go off road. They are more secure and so, you can carry your clothes, kitchen materials and all the other items you may require for making your holiday experience a pleasurable and memorable one. If you want, you can have luxurious camping trailers also. If you customize them to suit your tastes and travel plans, you can make them as comfortable as possible. At the same time, they can be made compact also so that setting them up and dismantling them is very easy. But, you should ensure the availability of adequate space for storing all the items you may need for your trip. If you maintain these trailers properly, they will last for many years. If you have a light-weight trailer, you can lug it even with a smaller vehicle but if your vehicle is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, they can be used even for reaching difficult terrains. In general, the varieties of trailers available in the market are semi off-road, off-road, extreme off- road, aluminium extreme off-road, Extreme Ranger and Outback Rover trailers. You should also be provided with appropriately- designed tents along with these trailers and the tents should be easy to set up by two people. There should be easy-to-follow instructions for setting up these tents. Preferably, the tent should provide sleeping space for a number of people and you should be able to set up the tent quickly. In general, the bed area is 175cm x 230cm, which is called the queen-size bed area, sitting area is 360cm x 230cm, awning area, 535cm x 240cm and the total covered area is 25 square meters. Simply put, if you choose a Black Series Camper Trailer, you can enjoy fascinating holidays year after year.

At Black Series Campers, we give you a wide variety of options for the finest camper trailers across Australia. Thoroughly researched for an ergonomic and financially viable design, the Black Series camper is optimum value for money. Black Series’s campers are available in a variety of choices such as semi off-road, off-road, extreme off- road, aluminium extreme off-road, Extreme Ranger and Outback Rover types. It also comes with an all-new 2013 trailer tent with upgraded features and can be easily set-up by two people. Black Series’s camping tents have a quick setup time of 10 minutes, sleeps 8 people, a bed area of 175cm x 230cm (suits queen size), a sitting area of 360cm x 230cm, an awning area of 535cm x 240cm and a total covered area of 25 square metres. These trailers are assembled by a team of qualified and experienced tradesmen; Black Series offers a full 12 months manufacturer’s warranty on its products. Black Series is the market leader in the camper trailer industry in Australia and our service exceeds all competitors. You can order any Black Series product through our website and we will deliver your favourite camper trailers to you. You can pay through cash on pick up, bank deposit, bank cheque / money order and visa or master credit card. Our clients vouch for the quality and finest experience of using our campers. We have made many holiday dreams come true. So what are you waiting for? We are waiting for you to pick up the phone and call us to place your order today!