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Our Black Series Poly Block Coupling

Our Black Series Poly Block Couplings have been tested, engineered and comply in full with Australian Design Regulations (ADR).  Unlike others in the market we meet all the criteria required for ADR 62/02 and all individual state requirements.

photo of coupling

Laboratory testing, Off-Road R&D and successfully passing 10 Tonne load Tests has made this coupling the Ultimate in the industry.


  • Unique 360° rotation
  • Mechanical Override (2 Tonne)
  • 70° of vertical articulation
  • Detachable ‘U’ and Spring Pin
  • Poly block Bolt on coupling
  • 2 tonne capacity (over engineered)
  • Choice of mechanical override or electric non override
  • High Quality Polyurethane block (quiet ride & no coupling lash)

The Black Series Off-Road Coupling is over engineered to insure reliability, strength, practicality and most important safety for you and your family.

Click here to download the Black Series coupling load test certificate.

test photo

What to look out for?

ADR compliance Codes (Brand, Company name or Trade mark, ADR 62/02) must be moulded into the polyurethane block and the casting both female and male, not engraved on the coupling body and stickers are not ADR 62/02 compliant.

No Part of the cast steel coupling should be welded.

It would be tragic to be on the wrong end of the insurance claim in the event of a couplings failure so to be sure check out the below


Click here to download Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 62/01 – Mechanical Connections Between Vehicles) 2006.

Be aware of imitation products on the market many claim to be ARD approved but in fact a inferior product.