One-Piece Drawbar

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One-Piece Drawbar

When it comes to camper trailer construction, strength is king. The stronger you can make a trailer without adding un-necessary weight, the better it will handle anything that the Aussie bush can throw at it.

For decades, the industry standard for trailer chassis construction has been to weld lengths of RHS together. Now, it doesn’t matter how good a welder you’ve got, that’s never going to be as strong as a single length of cold-drawn steel. The heat generated in the welding process compromises the surrounding steel’s strength – there’s just no way around it.

That’s not to say a welded chassis is weak – far from it. But in their relentless pursuit for the ultimate in strength, Black Series Camper Trailers went a step further. They spent a huge amount of time and resources developing a whole new process for trailer drawbar manufacturing that means the entire drawbar is shaped out of one continuous piece of steel. It’s also now 4mm thick up from the industry standard of 3mm, and while that might not seem a lot, in reality it’s an exponential upgrade in terms of strength.

Don’t compromise quality, and don’t spend more than you need to. Get the features and benefits at incredible value.