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Awesome trailers and service

I couldn't be happier with my new Sargeant camper trailer. Great trailer, easy to set up and plenty of storage space.
It takes about 1 1/2hrs - 2hrs to set up with easy to follow instructions.
Just wanted to give a big thank you to the team in brisbane for making my purchase fun and easy.

I highly recommend them.


Great customer service

Like most people after purchasing my seargent back in December 2016 I had all the intentions of using it at least once a month, however, like most life definitely got in the way. After being requested by work to go overseas it was 6 months before I was even able to set trailer up and take it for a spin.
By this stage I had completely forgot everything I was told upon picking my new toy up. So I contacted Diamond from the Brisbane office and arranged a time to come in.
Diamond was absolutely brilliant!!! Not only did he provide a whole heap of tips and tricks, he spent the time to answer all of my 1000 questions.
Before purchasing the trailer I spent most days researching/comparing/reviewing trailers and was a little concern about some of the negative reviews surrounding GIC Customer Service but I can tell you now after receiving the level of customer care last Saturday I am truly impressed.
10/10 for Diamond

10/10 for GIC

10/10 for SERGENT

Mick - Adelaide

Excellent Product and After Sales Service (Warranty)

I found GIC to be pretty good to deal with in regard to the purchase. At no time were they difficult to contact. My trailer was approx two weeks later than originally expected, but they did have a high demand and explained that to me. I had two small warranty repair issues to be dealt with and they were very easy to have fixed. I am in Adelaide, so one phone call verified I could get the work done (after a quote was sourced) in Adelaide from a repairer of choice. Repair work done, repairer sent the invoice to GIC, I got the trailer back. Best after sales service I have ever had. We have used our trailer extensively. It has been towed 10s of thousand of kilometers on bitumen and we camp on the Murray River 4 - 5 times a year. To get to these sites we traverse some of the dustiest, muddiest, potholed roads you could imagine. Never had an issue. (Warranty issue was a manufacturing issue). Great Camper and always remember you can pay a whole lot more and get everything gold plated, or you can pay a whole lot less and get what you need. Choice is always yours, so do your homework well. I for one am very happy with the price and quality.


Excellent product great value for the money

Happy with our purchase of our black series patron, looked at every camper on the market and couldn't beet the price and all the extras that were included. Had excellent aftersales experience with the minor problems we've had.


Excellent product great value for the money

Happy with our purchase of our black series patron, looked at every camper on the market and couldn't beet the price and all the extras that were included. Had excellent aftersales experience with the minor problems we've had.

Craig L - Port Macquarie

Couldn’t be happier

Purchased for 2 adults and two children (6 and 12) and it was amazing, the positives and value far out weigh any negatives .Troy at the Brisbane office was great to deal with.

Graham Lonsdale - Perth, WA

Excellent after sales service

We have a Black Series Patron Camper which we bought in Perth second hand. The front winch handle went missing and I couldn’t find one to suit anywhere in Perth. I rang the Sydney office of Black Series Campers and spoke to Tom in sales. He organised a replacement handle for me and sent it to Perth. It was all for free. Thanks for the prompt and kind service Tom. Cheers Liz Lonsdale.

Brendan - Sydney

The best camping we have ever done!

We purchased a Black Series Dominator late in 2015 and got the call to pick it up on New Years Eve, earlier than the expected January delivery date, stoked! We picked it up from the Revesby showroom and the process couldn't have been simpler. Up the road to the RMS for a numberplate and an hour later we were towing it away.
We've since spent three weekends away camping in it in the first 2 months and to say we love it is an understatement. I was never interested in a camper trailer (that we could afford) until I saw the Dominator as they all looked way too complicated. It's so quick to setup that even 1 person can do it in under a minute, just undo 7 latches and fold it out, then half a dozen quick extension poles inside the tent and you're ready to sleep. You don't even break a sweat packing it away even if it is new years day and you're feeling more than a bit under the weather!
This is without a doubt the best bit of camping gear we have ever bought! Every time we use it we are blown away by how good it is. The kitchen is awesome, the lounge area is so comfy and fantastic to be able to get out of the weather if you need to. Bed is great - massive mattress and nice and comfy. We did add a lambswool bed topper and it made it spot on. The first time we camped in rain, it was pretty solid rain for about an hour and constant the rest of the night and it didn't leak a single drop anywhere, we were keeping a close eye as you would with any new tent.
Yes it's true that other companies do different versions of the same trailer. But after comparing all of them we came back to the Dominator because it was the best value for money, great price and looked to be seriously good quality. We bought it as we are about to head away around Australia for a year living out of the trailer and I'm confident it will handle the trip no worries at all. The fit and finish of everything is excellent.
Did I mention we deadset love our trailer!


Great camper

Great camper , tows extremely well hardly know it's behind the car.easy stress free set up and fold down with the front and back winches , loads of storage space can fit my 80lt evakool fridge in the fridge slider no worries one of the very few campers of its sort to do so.solar panal lead wasn't working Gary in Sydney had one sent out immediantly couldn't ask for better service and Aleks and peter in Melbourne were fantastic to deal with on the purchase of our dominator , very happy campers !!

Ara - Central Coast

Great forward fold for the money

I purchased my Dominator this year and have already been out in it for a few goes and travelled nearly 1500kms with it behind my Troopy.

Absolutely ecstatic with the easy setup/put away, tows like a dream and has surpassed all of my expectations. I've seen a few comments about the bearings but no mention of the extra set that comes free with it? Not to mention the touch up paint and cover as an added bonus. The free items I received have also all worked wonderfully and it's been the envy of a couple camps with people more than interested in checking it out.

Susd - Adelaide

3 months on the road and still happy!

We picked up our Dominator at the beginning of the year, driving from SA to Vic. The team in Melbourne (especially Peter and Alex) were great to deal with during the sale and also at pick up, they also helped out with a few questions once we got home. After a few setups at home to weather etc and one long weekend away we set off for a trip around Australia. We had an amazing time away and the Dominator didn't let us down either. After setting it up and down over 40 times, in all sorts of weather, we think we have tested it pretty well! Only a few minor things broke and the after sales service from the Melbourne Black Series team has been excellent. Everything replaced and without any difficulty. We love our Dominator and are happily recommending it to everyone.


This is it

We picked our Dominater 4th May from Melbourne Showroom. Best camper trailer ever . Lot of room. Our money is well spent. Big thank to Alex and Peter. 10/10 for the service guys. Dinesh & Ranjana.


Great choice

Wife and i just did uluru and oodnadatta track with our dominator and dessert tracks it was very rough in places but we never had a worry it handled it with ease . Very easy and quick to set up and pack up i was talking and having a beer one day and wife set it up and then let me know.So can honestly say if your in the market for camper the black series dominator is a great choice and great value at $17000 hard to beat.

Tezza - Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Better than a Tent

We have used our Camper up north to the Tip of Australia at cape York and had mainly good use of Camper. The camper was easy to setup in approx. 10 mins, kept majority of Dust out and was easy towing. While travelling on outback, rough dirt roads we had one problem. A stone hit the water hose fitting at tank and shattered and lost all water. Luckily we were travelling with other people and had plenty of water. So we have had fitting fixed by Black Series and then added some extra protection. This was by making larger mudflaps and also by covering hose and fitting with foam noodle and tapping. So no more issues. We have added extra to our camper to make even easier to charge and use 24 volt power by adding a DC converter and inlet for 240 volt so easy to charge and also if staying at caravan park we now also have interior plugs to allow for easier use of 240 volt appliances. We have also added a thicker mattress to make more comfortable. Overall a strong and reliable camper. With regular maintenance this camper has not missed a beat and keeps us out of the weather and off the ground. Best investment we have made. So a lot more trips to come.

Max Kiama

The 2018 Black Series Dominator is an exceptional camper trailer and at such a great price

Our first trip away just last weekend and the dominator went so well, so very happy with it. Took it over some really rough dirt road, firetrails, mountains, and it towed extremely well. We had everything we needed and travelled comfortably. We have picked up a top quality mattress topper as I found the bed a little hard (I have a pretty crook back) so we're hoping this will sort that small issue out. The camper was an easy setup and tear down although haven't tried to setup the annexe as yet, next trip we'll have a go at that. I must say that the team at Black Series Warwick Farm, Thomas and Mark in service and parts have been absolutely fantastic. I have phoned a few times with some questions and they have answered the phone every time, replied and followed up on responses. I just called them last week to see if I could get a small piece of canvas for repairs if needed and Thomas spoke with me and arranged for Mark in parts to follow up on it for me. I received an email from Mark to advise me that he had sorted the canvas and had wrapped it ready for collection by a courier and then I received another email later that day to advise me that the parcel had been collected by the courier. He provided me with a consignment number and tracking information and my parcel arrived the very next morning. We could not be happier with the product and the after sales service from Thomas and Mark. Outstanding!



We have had ours for 6 weeks and been on 4 weekend away trips already. This is the greatest thing I have had, so much freedom the Dominator suits the two of us beautifully we can’t wait until the weekend arrives.

Anonymous - Murrumbidgee Region, NSW

Parts and after sales service

I purchased the camper second hand from a friend and needed some replacement parts due to normal wear and tare. Mary and the team at 36 Orange Grove Road Warwick Farm NSW 2170 were great and parts were delivered super fast and they couldn't do enough to help.


Great unit and well priced

Easy to tow
Snack to set up
A jack should be included as essential equipment or at least part of the options pack.
I would recommend the dominator to anyone who wanted a well made quality camper


Awesome Camper Dominator

Great Camper the Dominator , goes anywhere , easy setup after the first couple of times . Tough as , even in storm force winds . Great support from Alex at Campbellfield so much help . Cannot thank Alex enough for the help he gave us when we lost our annex poles on a recent trip . Barry & Rosslyne.

Darren B.

Excellent after sales service

Purchased our HQ12 in Sydney, 2018 and have taken it on a few trips from dry desert tracks to being winched out of a couple of muddy bogs. We brought our van to use it and over the past year have loved every bit of testing it out. From our last trip where we seen vehicles and vans/ trailers busted up and going nowhere, our HQ12 went well despite some issues with our suspension and 12v charging. Upon returning home we contacted the Warranty and Servicing team in Sydney and they were more than helpful from the onset. Their main aim was to get the issues fixed so we could continue to enjoy the van in which they did. Thank you to John and his team who gave us 5 star service. Would highly recommend the HQ12 along with the after sales support. Thank you.